Are Termites Testing Your Patience?

Are Termites Testing Your Patience?

Call us to repair foundation termite damage in Gilmer, White Oak and all of East Texas.

If termites have taken a bite out of your home, call Precision Foundation & House Leveling to repair the damage. We’ll inspect your home to locate the damaged areas and give you a free estimate on your job. Then, we’ll remove them and replace the damaged features, including your:

  • Wall plates
  • Top floor
  • Sub floor
  • Joists
  • Beams

You won’t even remember that termites ravaged your home once we’ve resolved the situation.

Contact us ASAP so we can repair the foundation termite damage in your Gilmer, White Oak or East Texas home.

We’ll restore the original appearance of your home

Precision Foundation & House Leveling will replace the termite-damaged areas of your home with either the same materials or ones that closely match. We’ll do everything possible to preserve the look of your historic home. Call 903-734-6886 now for home structural repair service in Gilmer, Texas and the surrounding areas.